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A systemic coach could be the key to unlocking your potential. Systemic coaching is a holistic approach that considers all aspects of your life. Whether you are facing professional challenges, personal dilemmas or simply feeling stuck, as a systemic coach I can offer you a way forward.

Systemischer Coach Wolfgang Trompetter
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Gaining a new perspective on your situation can help you understand how your personal beliefs, family relationships and professional circumstances are intertwined and affect your life. Together we can work to unravel these complex relationships and find ways to gain clarity and take action.

Systemic coaching via video conference

With your PC, tablet, smartphone, etc. You are not tied to one place.

See all difficulties as opportunities to create, learn and grow from the creative way you respond.

From getting to know each other to live coaching

A good relationship of trust is the basis for successful systemic coaching. That's why I offer various stages from getting to know each other to online coaching and face-to-face meetings.

Introductory meeting

Discover more about me, my qualifications and my experience as a coach. Tell me about your challenges and expectations of coaching.

Online Coaching

Need maximum flexibility? Choose the perfect online coaching package for your needs: Basic. Premium or Professional Coaching.

Live Coaching

This personal format enables us to address your specific needs, goals and challenges in depth in a confidential, protected 1:1 setting.

My standards for professional systemic coaching

Continuous training
As a certified systemic coach, I am committed to continuous further training in order to keep up to date with the latest coaching methods and theories. This includes both the expansion of professional skills and self-reflection on my own attitude and practice. Through regular supervision, I strive to continuously improve the quality of my work and develop personally.
Compliance with ethical principles
Compliance with ethical principles is of the utmost importance for a systemic coach. These include confidentiality, respect for the client's autonomy and avoiding relationships of dependency. I therefore act responsibly and always align my work with the interests of the client in order to promote a trusting and supportive relationship.
Empathy and an appreciative attitude
As a systemic coach, my aim is to adopt an empathic and appreciative attitude towards my clients. This means empathizing with the client's situation without bringing in my own judgements. This approach can promote open and honest communication and create a space in which the client feels understood and accepted.
Individuality and system orientation
I always consider the systemic context in which the client is operating. This means not only looking at the client's personal challenges and goals, but also how these are influenced by interactions with other people and systems. With this holistic approach, I strive to support the client in possible changes and developments.

The principles and methods

The approach of a systemic coach is based on a holistic view of the client and their environment. The aim is not only to develop short-term solutions to current problems, but also to explore the possibility of long-term changes that can support the client as a whole. In this context, I apply a number of principles and methods that support this approach:

Building a trusting relationship

The first step is to establish a trusting and appreciative relationship between coach and client. Through empathy and acceptance, I strive to create an atmosphere in which the client can feel safe to express their thoughts and feelings openly.

Systemic questions

I use targeted questions to support the client's self-reflection. These questions are designed to help the client look at their situation from different perspectives and explore their own patterns and interactions within their system. What could be the underlying issue?

Resource orientation

I focus on the client's strengths and resources. Together, we explore ways in which these resources can be used effectively to meet challenges and work towards goals.

Solution and goal orientation

Coaching focuses on the development of sustainable solutions and the clear definition of goals. I support the client in exploring and implementing their own solutions that can contribute to sustainable change.

Integration of the system

The systemic approach takes into account that the client is part of various systems (family, workplace, social environment). I take these influences into account and work with the client on how they can act more effectively within these systems and possibly bring about positive changes.

Conclusion and reflection

The coaching process concludes with a reflection on the changes achieved and the solutions developed together. This helps to consolidate the progress made and to think about the next steps after the coaching.

This proven approach allows me to effectively guide and support the client by not only addressing individual issues, but also considering the wider context in which the client lives and operates.

Different coaching packages

Individual support for every situation

I offer three different online coaching packages: Basic, Premium and Professional. Each of these packages is designed to give you the support you need to achieve your goals or overcome challenges. The pricing is transparent and fair. It is also possible to purchase packages with discounts for regular sessions.

Basic Video Coaching

Perfect for you if you need quick and precise answers to a specific question or problem.

/30 minutes

Together we look at the core of your challenge. I use targeted systemic questions to help you develop specific strategic approaches. This offer is particularly suitable for people who want to quickly gain clarity in a specific situation or are looking for support with an upcoming decision.

Premium Video Coaching

One full hour of intensive, goal-oriented advice and support. Can be extended if necessary.

60 minutes

In these 60 minutes, we focus intensively on your personal or professional goals, explore possible obstacles and develop tailor-made solutions together. This offer is particularly suitable for people who are in a transition phase, want to work on their career or want to tackle deeper personal issues. Premium Coaching offers you the time and space to develop comprehensive strategies aimed at providing you with lasting support.

If you book 3 Premium Coaching sessions in a package, you will receive a 10% discount on the normal price.

Professional Video Coaching

The most comprehensive option offers you almost two hours of intensive, personalized support and strategic planning.

/100 minutes

This package is particularly suitable for managers, entrepreneurs and anyone who is at a turning point or pursuing major goals. We use this time to analyze complex challenges, initiate profound changes and develop a detailed action plan aimed at bringing you closer to your goals. Professional Coaching supports you in gaining clarity, broadening your perspective and creating a solid foundation for your future path. If required, additional time modules can be booked flexibly. Appointments are allocated according to priority. On request, the sessions can be recorded on video and made available to you after the coaching session.

If you book 3 Professional Coaching sessions as a package, you will receive a 10% discount on the normal price.

Systemischer Coach Wolfgang Trompetter
Wolfgang Trompetter

Certified systemic coach & supervisor

Systemic coaching is the key


In my coachings, I am using the timeline work from the NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) This method makes it possible to explore past events and future goals in a visual representation. This allows blocking patterns to be identified and transformed. Timeline work helps to gain clarity about personal development paths and to support positive changes in a targeted manner. This technique is flexibly integrated into the coaching in order to meet individual needs and goals.

The issue behind the problem

In our sessions, we may further discover that a seemingly simple goal or problem hides deeper and more complex challenges. It might turn out that it is not just about improving time management skills, but also about aspects of self-awareness, prioritization or conflict resolution within the team or family. These insights are valuable as they offer the opportunity to work on fundamental aspects of the challenges, which can lead to lasting change.

Understanding the causes

My aim is to support you in working towards your original goals and to help you better understand the deeper causes of your challenges. Through this approach, we strive together to contribute to comprehensive personal development.

Together we can work to ensure that no important aspect of your life or work is overlooked and that you receive support to help you develop and strengthen in the areas that are important to you.


What my clients say

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A good relationship based on trust is the foundation for successful coaching. This conversation provides a risk-free framework for you to assess whether we have the right chemistry and whether I am the right coach for you. It is important to me that you feel safe and supported as we work together

The introductory meeting takes place online and lasts approximately 15 minutes. During this time you will have the opportunity to tell me about your goals, challenges and expectations of coaching. At the same time, I will briefly introduce myself and my coaching methods to give you a first impression of how I can support you on your journey.

The introductory meeting fee will be applied as a voucher towards your first Premium, Professional or Live Coaching booking.

Frequently asked questions

Systemic coaching looks at the client in the context of their social system and focuses on the interactions within this system. The client's own concerns are worked out, a solution goal is formulated and the individual steps for approaching this goal are accompanied in the process.

It is suitable for anyone who is interested in personal or professional development and is prepared to take a holistic view of their situation in order to explore possible solutions.

In the video coaching offers, the client chooses the duration according to the booked packages. In live coaching, the duration depends on the client's individual goals and circumstances. At the end of each session, the client discusses the next steps with the coach.

Systemic coaching can also be conducted online via video conferencing and offers a high degree of flexibility. Traditional live coaching, which is characterized by personal contact, often enables deeper and more intensive interactions.

Systemic coaching looks at people in their entire life context and helps them to harmonize their professional and private goals. It offers the opportunity to explore and reflect on deeply rooted patterns and beliefs that could affect personal happiness and relationships.

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